Mel Ikeda

March 2016 – Mel Ikeda

Program: Mel Ikeda On: …..well, you’ll just have to come and find out. Once... Read More

February 2016 – Colin Purcell

Program: Colin Purcell On The 2015 Gsbf Convention Several years ago the family of... Read More

January 2016 – Travis Goldstein

Program: Travis Goldstein: Prostrata Juniper Part II As you may recall, Travis Goldstein, the... Read More

December 2015 – 21st Annual Christmas Party

Annual Christmas Party It’s time for the club’s annual Christmas party, potluck, and raffle!... Read More

November 2015 – Susanne Barrymore

Program: Susanne Barrymore On Drought-resistant Bonsai You can’t turn on the TV news or... Read More
Ann Erb preparing a tree for presentation

October 2015 – Ann Erb

Program: Ann Erb On Show Preparation What? Show preparation? You must be kidding; our... Read More

September 2015 – Daniel Martinez

Program: Daniel Martinez On Ryan Neil As you may recall, last September’s program was... Read More

August 2015 – Annual Summer Potluck And Raffle

Come Join Us It’s August again, so it’s time once again for our annual... Read More
Cheryl Manning

July 2015 – Cheryl Manning

Program: Cheryl Manning Cheryl Manning is a most knowledgeable and entertaining presenter and she... Read More
Travis Goldstein California Bonsai Studio (photo credit:

June 2015 – Travis Goldstein

Program: Travis Goldstein Demo Travis Goldstein founded California Bonsai Studio in 2008. Travis has... Read More