You are currently viewing November 2022 – Spooky Times?
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President’s Message

Greetings BCSB Members,

Both Ernie and I were planning to get this newsletter out before Halloween but both of us have been betrayed by our respective sore joints, grumpy nerves, and the need to rest. In the spirit of a belated Halloween (pardon the pun), I’ve provided a couple of links below from the Bonsai Mirai blog on spooky trees which Ryan Neal features on his livestreams every year at this time.  The first is a gallery of photos of “Haunted Trees” in the wild. The second is a short timelapse video of Ryan designing an amazing weeping-style tamarisk.  Check out both links for some inspiration on what you can do with your deciduous trees in upcoming fall seasons. 

Moving on to November, we still have some scary things to talk about, like elections.  I won’t comment on the (super scary) upcoming federal, state and local elections other than to say, 1) they will be held on the same day as the BCSB officer elections, and 2) Vote!  

At our upcoming club meeting on 8 November, club members will be voting on officer positions for the next 2 years. At this point we have a list of (unsurprisingly) uncontested candidates below.  Please note that we will take nominations up until the start of the November meeting. We are especially in search of a new secretary as Wally Kunimoto wishes to “retire” (i.e. we give him a couple years off) after providing 50+ years of wonderful and much appreciated service to BCSB, including its founding back in 1971.

Carol Hicks will transition over to a new non-elected appointment as BCSB Event Coordinator, a job which she has basically been fulfilling over the last 2 years in addition to being treasurer.  Also, our soon-to-be-ex-Vice-President, Allan Hemmy, has rode off into the sunrise to live in…Kansas… Now all his tropical bonsai laugh at him as he does the “bonsai shuffle” every night the temperature dips below 45.  See you on the 8th!

BCSB Officer Candidates

            • President: Jeff Sczechowski (for a second consecutive term)
            • Vice President: Mark Britton (for a first term)
            • Secretary:  Wally Kunimoto (for an nth consecutive term at several positions)
            • Treasurer: Diana Boydstun (for a first term)

Tuesday, November 8: Ann Erb: Pines

The program for the November meeting will feature Ann Erb teaching us all the nuances of pine bonsai care and maintenance. As usual the meeting will take place at Bethany Congregational Church, 556 North Hope Avenue. 7:00-7:30 is social time and the meeting begins at 7:30. See you there.

Saturday, November 19: Ann Erb Workshop

9:00 AM-Noon & 1 PM-4 PM
If you are someone who learns better by “doing,” you can “do” all your fall work on pines to your heart’s content in the November workshop on Saturday, 19 November as Ann will have you practicing what she preached in the meeting on the 8th.  If you don’t have a pine, bring whatever you have as Ann is an expert on all things bonsai. The workshops will be held at Bethany Congregational Church, 556 North Hope Avenue. Tables will be provided and socially distanced. The area is covered with a shade cloth, but hats may be needed if it is sunny. We are limited to how many Club members we can accommodate, so if you are interested in attending, please let Carol Hicks know as soon as possible which session you want to attend or 805 896-6697.  

Last Month’s Meeting: Wally Kunimoto

Wally graced us with a great abundance of helpful hints gained through his decades of mastery.    Kate Zeiss  (As I was unable to attend this meeting, I am grateful to Kate for these great photos.  Ernie)

Last Month’s Workshop: Mel Ikeda

(As I was unable to attend this workshop, I am grateful to Diane Galvin for these great photos.  Ernie)

Last Month’s Asian/American Festival

(I know this is starting to sound familiar but… As I was unable to attend the festival, I am grateful to Jeff Sczechowski for these great photos.  Ernie)