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"Juko" Azalea
“Juko” Azalea

I hope you are all doing well. I am planning on doing this workshop this Summer if I get enough participants and will be using Zoom. The dates are to be determined (maybe as soon as June) – the number of Zoom “meetings” is yet to be determined. I think at least two sessions will be needed, but in many ways this is better because the first meeting will basically be a show and tell and review of the written material I will be giving out in advance. It will be similar to the presentations at club meetings and we will use the first one as a learning experience. It is not critical, but having a good webcam/mic will help a lot. The pre-bonsai Azaleas for the workshop are doing very well and have been blooming profusely.  I had to wire one last year because the trunk was getting too thick, but the rest should be okay.

"Tensho" Azalea
 “Tensho” Azalea

I believe I can safely deliver them at least to the South Coast area in my van and I will have the entire selection (now around 15) available the day before I deliver if some people want to pick theirs up from me. The Azalea will come with the original printed material to use in the workshop, as my experience is limited in doing on-screen displays. I would appreciate it if you can answer the following questions:

1.  Do you still want to participate in this workshop?
2.  Is $20 a reasonable fee for all materials (let me know if you need wire)?
3.  How many days should there be between the sessions? (any suggestions for time and day of the week will be considered)
4.  The 2nd hands-on styling session – how long do you think it should be?
Thank you for your interest.  I will have a spreadsheet of the plant selection and individual photos available soon.  Regards, Glenn Giffen:

President’s Message: Annual Show A No Show

I hope you are all still staying safe and healthy as we move into, what, the third month of quarantine? I’m losing track of time. Ernie said he was waiting on some words of wisdom from me so he can finish the newsletter. I had to tell him I would send him some words, but I’m fresh out of wisdom, I’m afraid. I still don’t have a clue as to when we can resume any sort of normal activities. As I’m writing this, I’m reminded that today would have been day one of our show if things hadn’t gone sour on us. I miss the show. It has always been the club’s biggest event of the year. I hope we can reschedule it for another date before we all get too much older.
I do have one positive result, bonsai-wise, from staying home all day, every day. I have had trees on my not-yet-ready-for-prime-time benches for years, sometimes literally for decades, thinking that I’d get around to styling and potting them some day. That day finally arrived. I counted ‘em up and so far these last couple of months I have moved about a dozen to bonsai pots or at least to smaller training pots. I’m sure they would be a lot nicer if I had been able to take them to our workshops, but at least they are occupying nicer containers now and I can see some promise in most of them. Stay well!

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Ron Bereman, our vendor at our last two shows, is having a sale at his nursery in Atascadero. Ron has not been well. Let’s wish him a speedy recovery. It sounds like there will be some very well priced material available.

Upcoming: Atascadero, Ca, Inventory Reduction Sale

To All My Loyal Bonsai Customers,

As you know, recently we have experienced many changes in our community due to COVID-19. We hope you are all healthy and safe at home enjoying your bonsai. We are also experiencing some changes here at Bonsai Creations. Due to my current health issues, I have been hospitalized off and on since February. Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, I will not be able to continue to be involved with bonsai to the extent that I have in the past. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every one of you and sharing my love of bonsai.  We will be hosting a sale to reduce inventory on June 13 th and 14 th (10:00 am – 3:00 pm) at 40% to 50% off retail price. Due to the excellent pricing, no early birds please. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Please feel free to call or text my Bonsai Apprentice,
Sonja Thomspon at (805) 610-9938.
I can only respond via text at this time at (805) 440-3160. Regards, Ron Bereman – Bonsai Creations, 9990 Old Morro Road East, Atascadero,CA 93422

Member’s Trees: Joe Pando

1. Cotoneaster

I took a few photos of the trees I have here in Corona Del Mar. The first one is a Cotoneaster which I traded a too-large-for-me oak. Michael Jonas has been very helpful over the years and is a member of Sansui Kai.

2. Sargent juniper

Second photo is a Sargent Juniper that was given to me from Arora, (past SB member). That was some 35 or so years ago. She had it as a more of a believe it or not literati style. Where you see the Shari now was part of the top that ran one-and-a-half feet from where the top is now.

3. Chinese Elm

Next one is a Chinese Elm that I bought from Daniell, SB club member, many years ago as well. This one is more of a clip and grow.

4. Bougainvillea

This Bougainvillea I dug up from my then girlfriend, now wife’s yard again many years ago.

And finally this Trident is taken from a forest that I had won at my first SB bonsai meeting. Roy Nagatoshi was doing the demo with me being the lucky member.


I saw Roy recently, pre-COVID, at another demo and he asked if I still had the forest. I told him yes but didn’t mention that they are scattered over several homes.

Anyway, these are some of the trees I have here, feel free to use any one or more. Thanks for remembering me.

Joe Pando was an active member in our club until he moved away from Santa Barbara.

Member’s Trees: Allan Hemmy

Unfortunately even after multiple months of constant over-attention, my trees still aren’t very photogenic. In fact, most are even downright ugly after getting some hard cutbacks! But attached is one that I wanted to share, taken in April 2020.
I obtained this tree when Patti Post was reducing the size of Tom’s collection. It was in an old terra cotta pot with a stake labeled “Ume”. Later after looking at the stake closer, I saw that the “Ume” was faintly crossed out and below it was written “Apple” with a series of dates. The earliest date was January 2015, which must be either the seed plant date or the first repot date. I picked out this small Japanese pot at this year’s Bonsai-a-thon specifically for this tree. The maximum diameter of the pot is 4” and tree is approximately 6” tall. I love the kinks and subtle bends in the trunk. I’m not sure what Tom’s design plan was for the tree, but he obviously kept it small and restricted. I will also keep it sparse and slow growing and hope that the tree shows me it’s preferred design. The tree is in 1/16” akadama and is positioned in morning sun with afternoon shade. The pot is nestled in a thin layer of akadama inside of the original terra cotta pot.

Thank you for continuing the newsletter and I will endeavor to contribute some more photos in the future.