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Program: Ann Erb On “Sabamiki”

saba maki
Saba maki (mackerel sushi)
hollowed trunk bonsai
Sabamiki (hollowed trunk)

Ok, Ann’s presentation will be on “sabamiki”, not “saba maki” as reported in last month’s newsletter. Sabamiki means “hollowed trunk” or “split trunk”. The pictures at right shows a tree with a large sabamiki and saba maki, or mackerel sushi. It doesn’t take a bonsai master to see the difference. Ann is very knowledgeable about all aspects of bonsai so it promises to be an interesting evening. …but shucks, I was sorta looking forward to something other than cookies to eat at our meeting.

President’s Message:

Thanks for your response to our call for membership dues. We are looking very good at this point. For those who are planning to submit trees for the show or planning to sell items there, membership is needed.

We will have several new items for our show this year, so please plan to arrive early for setting the show up. New coverings for the display tables have been ordered. These should enable us to save time getting the room ready for display. I have a large number of pots and other items from members to add to the sales area. Hopefully each of you will add to our sales and raffle area also. Joe Olson is preparing our announcements and we will need 4 people to distribute them to local businesses. It is always a great pleasure delivering them around town. Please let me know if you are interested. New name tags are being prepared for members and I think it would be beneficial to have everyone wear them during the show. Each of you will become an ambassador for bonsai. Believe it or not, as one of our new members many years ago said, “It was exciting to know that there was someone who knew even less about bonsai than I did.”

~ Tom

Last Month: Mel Ikeda Demos A Kengai Prostrata Juniper

Mel started with a bushy five gallon prostrata juniper. The first picture, at left, shows him contemplating the tree after some preliminary pruning and placement of heavy wire around the still very straight trunk. The wire is just barely visible, but it is quite loose to avoid cutting into the bark.

Mel says the tree must be properly placed in the pot in order to style it properly, so the second picture, at right, shows the newly repotted tree with some dramatic new curves in the heavily wired trunk.

The third picture, at left, shows Mel and the tree with its new front after preliminary styling. Some branches have been left to fatten up and develop possible side branches and apex. Decisions about what to do with them can be made at the tree’s next styling. Mel donated the tree to the club and it will be included in the silent auction at our show next month.

Next Month Is Show Time, Folks!

rack-card-2016See the news in Tom’s message above, and under Coming Events below, and please plan to show a tree and help with the set-up and tear-down if at all possible. A tree entry form is attached to the newsletter. Please complete and return it as soon as possible. 4” x 9” rack cards like the one pictured will be available at this month’s Tuesday evening meeting.

Here’s a link to the Botanic Garden’s announcement of the show:, and here’s a link to the beginner’s class to be given by our club at the Botanic Garden on June 11:

Coming Events:

April 9: Bonsai Club Of Santa Barbara: 2nd Saturday Workshop With Ann Erb.

9:30 AM until 12:30 PM, Room 8, Goleta Valley Community Center.

April 16: Bonsai Club Of Santa Barbara: 3rd Saturday Workshop With Guest Instructor.

9 AM until noon or 1 to 4 PM., Room 7, Goleta Valley Community Center. Mel Ikeda, guest instructor.

May 10: Bonsai Club Of Santa Barbara: Regular Tuesday Evening Meeting

Program: Critique of trees and presentation on show preparation by Ann Erb.

May 14 – 15, Gardena, Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai: Annual Exhibit

“Serenity through Bonsai” at Ken Nakaoka Community Center, 1670 W. 162nd St. Hours are 10 AM – 4 PM both days with demonstrations at 1 PM: Saturday, a round-robin; and Sunday, a Saikei demonstration by Mr. Frank Goya. The demonstration items will be in the benefit drawing which follows each demonstration. For more information visit or contact Doyle Saito at (310) 539-9265.

May 21-22: Bonsai Club Of Santa Barbara: Annual Show And Plant Sale

The club’s biggest event of the year is just a little over one month away! At Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, 11:00 AM -4:00 PM on Saturday, May 21 and 9:00 AM -4:00 PM on Sunday, May 22. Demos at 1:00 PM on both days: Mel Ikeda on Saturday and Ann Erb on Sunday. Plant sale, silent auction, and an informal exhibit of California natives as possible bonsai will be included. Please plan to show a tree, and, as usual, volunteers will be needed to help set up and tear down the show. Setup starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday and tear-down starts at closure of the show at 4:00 PM on Sunday. Also, as Tom Post mentioned above, be thinking about possible donations for the silent auction and bonsai-related items for the plant sale. Rack cards like the one shown above will be available for distribution at the Tuesday evening meeting this month.

May 21 – 22, Sansui Kai Of Southern California: Annual Bonsai Show

At the Japanese Garden at Tillman Water Reclamation Center, 6100 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys.  Show hours are 10 AM to 4 PM both days, with demonstrations each day. Sale table of Bonsai trees and pots.

June 11 Create Your Own
Bonsai (beginner’s class)

This year, the club’s annual beginner’s class will be held in the courtyard of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden from 9AM to 4 PM on the second Saturday after our show. The workshop includes pot, plant, and supplies as well as instruction. Cost is $40.00 for members of either the Club or the Garden, and $60 for non-members.