Events are on the second Tuesday of the month except as otherwise indicated, and except as otherwise indicated take place at the Goleta Valley Community Center, 5679 Hollister Ave., Goleta, CA.

We will meet at 6:45 for Beginner discussions. Coffee and library are available at 7:00 p.m. The regular program will begin at 7:30.

Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

2020 Schedule

January 14 Wally Kunimoto Grafting
February 11

Ann Erb

March 10 Joe Olson Oaks
April 14 N/A Canceled


May 12 N/A N/A
June 9 N/A N/A
July 14 N/A N/A
August 11 N/A N/A
September 8 N/A N/A
October 13 N/A N/A
November 10
 December 8