April 2017 – Leroy Kubel

April Program: Leroy Kubel: Exciting Scenes From Our 2016 Show Leroy Kubel is one... Read More

March 2017 – Bob Pressler

March Program: Bob Pressler, Return Of The Boxwood In July 2016, Bob Pressler brought... Read More

Feburary 2017 – Susanne Barrymore

February Program: Susanne Barrymore, Root Over Rock What are you doing for Valentine’s Day... Read More

January 2017 – Ann Erb

January Program: Ann Erb Not sure at press time (wow, that sounds important) what... Read More

December 2016 – Annual Christmas Potluck

22nd Annual Christmas Potluck And Raffle It’s time for the club’s annual Christmas party... Read More

November 2016 – Critique Of Members’ Trees

Program: Critique Of Members’ Trees These “critiques”, for want of a better word, are... Read More

October 2016 – Travis Goldstein

Program: Travis Goldstein Travis Goldstein, the owner of California Bonsai Studio, 4015 N. Moorpark... Read More
Ted Matson instructing on “five qualities of bonsai line”.

September 2016 – Ted Matson

Program: Ted Matson On Shohin And Mame Bonsai Everyone who already knows Ted Matson... Read More

August 2016 – Annual Summer Potluck

It’s time once again for the club’s big summer event! (And our only event... Read More

July 2016 – Bob Pressler

Program: Bob Pressler On Ficus Nerifolia Bob Pressler last visited us in March 2014.... Read More