October 2020 – To Fall Fertilize Or Not To Fall Fertilize

That is the question. Asking about watering schedules, soil mixes, and fertilizing plans often... Read More

September 2020 – In Memoriam: Ann Bebee

In the 1970s, Santa Barbara City College adult education classes were held on City... Read More

August 2020 – Day At The Huntington’s Chinese Garden

As much as I love the Japanese Garden at the Huntington, I find incredible... Read More
Glenn with a slant-style Azalea

July 2020 – Last Month: Azalea Workshop Via Zoom With Glenn Griffen

Long-time Club member, Glenn Griffin, was able to merge the ancient Art of Bonsai... Read More

June 2020 – Azalea Workshop Via Zoom With Glenn Griffen

I hope you are all doing well. I am planning on doing this workshop... Read More

May 2020 – Member’s Trees

Having had no monthly meeting or Saturday workshops in the entire month of April,... Read More

April 2020 – Joe Olson

Last Month:  Joe Olson – Oak Tree Bonsai Club President, Joe Olson, has an... Read More

March 2020 – Mel Ikeda

Saturday March 14: Mel Ikeda It was the unique experience for Mel Ikeda to... Read More

February 2020 – Ann Erb

Tuesday February 11, 7:30 p.m. – Ann Erb – Repotting The first time I... Read More

January 2020 – Roy Nagatoshi

Saturday January 18 Workshops: Roy Nagatoshi Our first workshop of the new year features... Read More